Monday, January 25, 2010

Crystal City will sparkle once more

The last few weeks have been bitter sweet for Waterford. A sad and somewhat bitter taste was left in the mouths of many as the Waterford Crystal Kilbarry Plant and visitors centre closed its doors. I cannot imagine the mix of sadness and anger that former Waterford Crystal workers must feel. To have been left high and dry without an adequate redundancy package was compounded by a collapse of the pension fund. It should never have happened.

They say every cloud has a silver lining. I tend to agree. I suppose it means that we should always look for the positive in everything and look to turn a disaster into an opportunity. Waterford City Council, through the offices of the City Manager and the support of the full council were instrumental in returning Crystal Manufacturing to the City. Opportunities have to be grasped and in this instance we did so with both hands. The formal announcement by the WWRD Group that crystal manufacturing will resume in the heart of the city centre is fantastic news.

What is striking is how quickly this is all coming together. The sight of cranes, scaffolding and builders on the old ESB site is a joy to behold. Hopefully the June target of being ‘open for business’ will be met. I have no doubt that it will. The artist’s impression of what the finished product will look like is impressive. It was not so long ago that I and many others were calling for the building to be demolished. Than disaster struck and the economy collapsed. But again disaster was turned into opportunity and with a little bit of foresight we have something special. I look forward to the grand opening.

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