Monday, February 8, 2010

George Lee departure leaves Fine Gael reeling

When I first heard the news that George Lee was to resign his position with RTÉ and run for Fine Gael I was gob smacked. George was consistently critical of Government economic policy and offered a sound and considered critique. Given that you cannot put a piece of paper between the economic policies of Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael it seemed a strange choice indeed. I assume he looked at Fine Gael riding high in the polls and as the largest opposition party it presented him with the best opportunity to get into the heart of Government.

Maybe he genuinely felt he could influence Fine Gael policy to such an extent as to turn it on its head. It is not surprising that it took George only nine months to find out that this was not possible and that Fine Gael does not offer an economic alternative to Fine Fáil. It was inevitable that he would become frustrated with Fine Gael.

This is nothing short of a fiasco and amounts to a further waste of taxpayers’ money as another bye election is on the cards. It is a PR disaster for Fine Gael. So what now for George Lee? And what does this say about Enda Kenny’s leadership. As an old Chinese proverb goes – may you live in interesting times.

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