Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Restoration of the Bishop Palace Building

The bishop palace is a splendid building in the heart of the city centre. It was designed by local architect John Roberts and was built in 1746. It is currently used by Waterford City Council but under the Viking Triangle Plan will become a contemporary museum. It is intended to restore the building to its original state. An exciting part of the plan for the overall Cathedral Square area is to remove the car park beside the Bishop Palace and replace it with a Garden. In my view this will transform the Mall and add to the splendour of this building. City Council officials are working on a draft proposal which will be published shortly.

There has been some discussion recently about the removal of a small number of trees from the front of the ESB building. While removing trees is always a concern for some apparently this was necessary to accommodate tourist drop off at the visitor centre and it is intended to plant eight new trees at the new plaza at the entrance to the centre. The overall plan for the area is exciting and the placement of a garden adjacent to the Bishop Palace will create a little gem in the heart of the city.

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