Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Closing a rail line the height of stupidity

There are times when it is almost impossible to find a rationale for a decision made by this Government. It is not so long ago that a decision was made to scale back the 24 hour air sea rescue helicopter service for Waterford. This was later overturned by people power and common sense. Now we are faced with a decision to close the Waterford to Rosslare Railway line. The line runs between Waterford city and Rosslare port, with trains stopping at towns and villages in south Wexford. It has been in operation since 1906.

Where is the sense in this proposal? What is ironic is that as the Western Rail Corridor is opened the Waterford to Rosslare line is being closed. Waterford has seen many rail lines closed in the past. Once closed they are very rarely re-opened. The closure of this line will have an effect on business, tourism and commuters to Waterford. It will force many commuters traveling from South Wexford to drive and increase traffic congestion. Instead of encouraging and enabling the use of public transport this short sighted decision will do the reverse.

The people of Waterford need to make their voices heard. We must not allow this line to be closed. Every effort must be made to save the line and ensure its future viability. It is ironic that this line is being closed under a so called ‘green’ government. So much for public transport! I strongly believe that a combination of people and political power will see this decision overturned. The people of Waterford and Wexford need to work together. Politicians in Waterford and Wexford need to work together. Just like the air sea rescue service common sense must prevail. The Government must overturn this decision, save the line and ensure its future viability.


  1. well said David, We all need to stand up and unite against Irish Rail/Government. This is OUR service we need to have OUR say

  2. It's almost as stupid as the closure of the Harcourt Line back in '59 just as the Southern Dublin suburbs were expanding rapidly or the lunatic closure years ago of the Waterford-Tramore line. That would be a very profitable communting line today.
    Rosslare is a key port to the whole South of Ireland as well at the Western Seaboard.Closing it could ultimately spell the end for the Limerick Waterford line. Any person with an ounce of foresight ccan see the possibilities of developing the Rosslare Waterford line for the benefit of all.

  3. What is infuriating to me, is that I have e-mailed a number of so called "Politicians" and have received responses that they are passing "The Buck" onto others rather than coming out and saying that they are actually prepared to support The Saving The Line Campaign.

    They forget that they are there as "OUR" Elected Representatives, OUR Employees effectively, to do our bidding, not to sit on their fat A**** taking OUR MONEY for their own pleasures and perks.

    This closure is NOT beneficial to the future of the country as a whole. Stephenson and many others would be turning in their graves at these so called "Politicians" and their attempts to turn the clock back, putting this country and it's people back over 100yrs in it's lack of interest in Development!

    Hopefully the people of this Country will see the damage the Greens are doing to it and VOTE THEM OUT at the next elections! They are a minority group holding the Country to ransom in order for "Biffo" getting his inflated Pay Packet!

    Yet again, the Electorate have been conned into seeing the world through Rose Tinted Glasses... Ireland has always been GREEN but didn't appreciate it!