Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Lisbon debate at City Library

I took part in a debate on the Lisbon Treaty tonight at Waterford City Library. The speakers included Cllr Tom Cunningham (FG), Brian Jordan (FF), Cllr Davy Walsh (WP) and myself. The event was hosted by Nicola Beresford. The debate was lively and robust. However I have still not been presented with a single reason why we should vote yes by the yes speakers other then the fear of saying no. Vote no and we will be marganlised. Vote no and we will become isolated in Europe. Vote no and we will become second class citizens. Indeed if we are to believe the FF representatives and their friends in Fine Gael and Labour if we vote no we are destined for economic ruin. What nonsense. Even if we take at face value what these guys are saying - what does this say about Europe. Are you happy to be part of a Union which treats its people like this? If not, express your opinion in the most effective way you can and vote No on October 2nd.

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