Friday, September 25, 2009

Rody Molloy scandal enough to turn your stomach

Recent revelations that Rody Molloy had his pension boosted by nearly €1.5m by the Tánaiste are stomach turning. Roddy Molloy was responsible for gross negligence and of wasting millions of Euro of taxpayer’s money. He had to be dragged kicking and screaming from his job. The Government’s response was to award Mr Molloy a golden handshake and a boosted pension. This deal is crooked and should be reneged on. It says everything about this Government – they will go to any length to protect their friends and the golden circle in Irish politics.

For the full extent of this scandal to sink in you need to put it into context. Over 400,000 people are on the dole. Many are struggling to pay basic bills. Most are in debt. This deal was done at a time the Government was taking decisions to cut services and increase taxes. It was also done at a time when Waterford Crystal workers were left high and dry without any pension. For Rody Molloy, this Government and their ilk it is business as usual as they line their own pockets. It is easy to call for someone’s resignation and it is often done in the political sphere. But I am convinced that the Ministers involvement in this sordid scandal is reason enough to resign. She is not fit to hold public office. She should resign, this sordid deal should be reneged on and Rody Molloy should be made pay back expenses that he abused as Director of FÁS.

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  1. Rody Molloy and the board should be held responsible and pay a penalty for misappropriation of public funds, lining their pockets & flauting the spending guidelines put simply using public funds to a ignificant extent as they pleased. It was extravangance on steriods & a case of brazen entitlement to the public coffers for use as his own slush fund. This gross mis-management that in part served to enrich him and his wife's and his co horts in FAS lifestyles is wrong and has to be rectifed for the sake of justice in this republic. A police investigation should take place and he should be made forfeit his pay off and pension and car etc and made to serve community service. Otherwise there is no deterant and wrong doing are rewarded for the chosen few. Then sir we have just another exampe of a cleptocracy for the elite and not a democracy for the people. Michael McNeill