Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Government sinks to a new low in subverting democracy

On Monday I was joined by party activists in a protest coinciding with the party’s high court challenge to force the outstanding by-elections. Sadly this government is continuing to waste taxpayers’ money defending its refusal to hold the by-elections.

This case is about upholding the democratic rights of the people of Waterford, Dublin and Donegal. Our intention is to force the Government to do the right thing and hold all three by-elections at an earliest possible date. Waterford has been under represented for too long as the Government has been running scared of the electorate.

The announcement from the Government that the by-elections will take place next year is an insult to the electorate in Waterford. The people are demanding an election at the earliest opportunity, not at some vague time next year that suits the Government best.

The Government’s attitude to this case has been arrogant and dismissive and they are now intent on wasting even more taxpayers’ money defending this case when they could easily have avoided it by moving the writs for the elections to take place. Many people on the streets of Waterford expressed their anger at not being able to vote. They feel cheated by a Government clinging onto power.

The truth is that Waterford, Donegal South West and Dublin South are being left under-represented at a time of severe economic crisis, with far-reaching decisions being made and a savage budget being prepared by this Government. As we speak Government departments are busy taking the axe to as many capital projects as they can.

In defending this case the Government in my view has sunk to a new low. To use taxpayers’ money in a desperate attempt to subvert democracy is an affront to the people of Waterford.

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