Monday, October 18, 2010

Launch of JobFit in Waterford

This week I attended the launch of JobFit in Waterford. JobFit is a new programme funded by the Labour Market Activation Fund of the Department of Education and Skills which provides free support, employability training and recognised qualifications to help unemployed people find a job. JobFit will be delivered by TBG Learning, part of the Rehab Group. The programme provides soft-skills training, work placements, and support into and during the early stages.

The launch was very professional and I was pleased to attend. I spoke to many course participants and they all spoke glowingly of the training provided and of how it lifted their confidence. One of the participants addressed the gathering and spoke about his positive experience and his success in getting a job. It was very satisfying to hear him proudly tell his story.

JobFit is available to people who have been receiving benefits for a minimum of three months who are qualified to Junior Certificate level or below. It may in the future be extended to leaving certificate level. The programme currently operates out of Wallace House in Maritana Gate. I would encourage people who satisfy the qualifying criteria and are interested in improving their job seeking skills to drop in and sign up.


  1. Job Fit is another FAS jobs scam stealing jobs from the community & returning nothing.This year, job fit also got extra funding a couple of mill, whats another couple of mill in a country that is JOBLESS and in DEBT?
    FAS have been responsible for robbing the community(the unemployed they proport to help) of full time paid tax returnable jobs for years,while draining one billion out of our community,they have no respect for any community they enter and provide their own brand of employment which sucks what could have been full time jobs out of the community.Further consigning those on the poverty line to a lifetime of further poverty.They have had a system in place whereby,if you got hired as an apprentice or a ce worker,you would not be put in a position of employment,yet they reffered to themselves an employment agency.FAS (or faux jobs) had a habit of replacing full time posts with free labour posts,why do multi national businesses and local businesses need subsidising from agnecies like FAS and JOBFIT,obviously you could argue that this is cost effective for the company involved,but how is this cost effective for the government,if thier is no tax returns?
    Are our government stupid?