Wednesday, November 17, 2010

All changed, changed utterly

We all knew it would happen as the writing was on the wall. The great bailout has arrived. The Government’s blanket bank guarantee coupled with its reckless deficit reduction strategy has left us without any credibility. The international money lenders deserted us. Our European partners closed ranks. The noose was tightened around our country’s neck. A decision was made to save the Euro and sacrifice Ireland. And all the time the Government lied to us.

As a citizen, a taxpayer and a parent I am angry. I am proud to be Irish and of its people. I am proud of the talent, ingenuity and ability of the Irish people. I am angry that such a proud nation has been sold out by its political leaders. The word sovereignty is being bandied about as if it means nothing, as if it’s of no importance. Sovereignty is about having the power to make our own decisions. A Republic is about the people being sovereign and Government acting in the best interests of its people. How hollow that sounds when you consider the sense of betrayal that Irish people will now undoubtedly feel.

The government, certain economists and sections of the media will begin the job of convincing us that a bailout is our best and only hope. They will ridicule suggestions of an alternative just as they have done throughout this crisis. They will seek to convince us that there is no other way. This needs to be tackled head on – an EU/IMF bailout will further indebt the Irish people. It is not in the best interests of this state. It is not in the best interests of working people and those out of work. We need to stand up for Ireland and start making the right decisions.

What this country needs is a credible recovery plan. The first step on this journey must be to rid ourselves of this Government. We need a General Election and fast. We need to abandon failed slash and burn policies and change course. We need a plan that will save existing jobs, create new jobs, stimulate the economy and protect front line services. We need a more realistic and credible deficit reduction strategy that increases revenue and achieves savings in public spending. We in Sinn Féin have put forward an alternative. Today the party’s election candidates gathered in Dublin to discuss the crisis. Events are changing by the minute. Today all changed, changed utterly. It remains to be seen whether a terrible beauty will be born.


  1. ideolgy ideolgy ideolgy i doubt sinn fein could turn it around either.

  2. Southern government's manner of glossing over the truth for the past number of years, should be enough for the country to see they attempted to project a downward trend in an attempt to suggest improved stability. They are not interested in resolving anxieties or the sense of isolation business or people have. They will use whatever means necessary to hold onto power, suggesting no need for help to the country, while doing bailout deals that will cripple the country for generations. It is time for the people of Ireland to forget the old rhetoric of "better the devil you know" and to pull the wool from of there eyes and say enough is enough. You know who got you into this mess, bankers and greedy governmental party's, who are still collecting their bonuses, while you struggle. There is still time for changes, changes that only the people can make and need to make. Get up of your knees, get out and vote for a party of change VOTE SINN FEIN.