Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Victory for democracy

Well done to Pearse Doherty and Sinn Féin on a very important high court victory. The courts decision today was clear and decisive. It supported our view that the Government was acting in breach of the constitution. Fianna Fáil was showing itself to be a slightly constitutional party. The Green Party was equally as culpable and was today involved in a desperate face saving exercise.

Sinn Féin was forced to bring the Government to court. This could have been avoided if the Government sided with democracy. Instead they chose to ignore the rights of voters in a desperate attempt to save their own necks. Thanks to Pearse and Sinn Féin their anti-democratic and unconstitutional acts have been exposed. This is a victory for democracy.

A precedent has now been set. If the Government only moves the writ for Donegal South West and ignores the rights of the people of Waterford and Dublin they will again expose themselves to a legal challenge. Sinn Féin will fully study this high court judgement. If the Government seek to frustrate the rights of the voters of Waterford and Dublin South we will seek legal advice. If we have to bring the Government before the courts again we will do so.

Sinn Féin will take a stand for the rights of voters. This Government does not have a mandate for its current policies. Today’s judgement has struck a fatal blow to the lifetime of this Government. I commend the efforts of Pearse Doherty and his legal time and I wish Pearse well in any upcoming election. He has proven himself to be a real leader and man of the people.

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