Friday, August 28, 2009

College Registration Fees increased to €1,500

Many young people who recieved their leaving certificate results recently have been offered places in third level institutes. This is an exciting time in their lives. They should be thinking about all of the positives and the opportunities that lie ahead. Instead many are trying to scrape together the money to pay the college registration fee. I remember paying mine all those years ago. It was 200 pounds. I was working part-time and was able to pay for most of it myself. My parents paid the rest and helped to cover the accomodation costs in Dublin.

Today the fees stand at €1,500, up from €900. The increased revenue is not being spent on new facilities or to improve schools. It is simply an increase to cover existing costs. It is another stealth tax for parents. On top of this the Government are talking about introducing third level fees. Excuse me but is €1,500 not a fee! Introducing another fee will result in treble taxation. You pay once through your taxes, again through registration fees and if Batt O Keefe has his way again through new college fees. This is not on. We are venturing down the American road of making going to college a privelage and not a right at a time when the current American President is doing the opposite. This madness must stop.

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