Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Waterford Sinn Féin meet to discuss political priorities and campaigns

Sinn Féin members in Waterford held an important meeting tonight to agree a political and campaigning strategy over the coming months. Over 80 party activists met to discuss a wide range of issues and to agree a programme of work in the time ahead. The programme of work will involve campaigning against the Lisbon Treaty, opposition to NAMA, working to reverse Educations cuts, promoting local solutions to job creation and retention and highlighting the growing drug and heroine problem in the city and county.

It is important that people fight back against cuts in Education, Health and welfare payments. The young, the old and the vulnerable should not be punished for the economic incompetence of this Government. At a time when ordinary people are being made to suffer as a result of increased taxes and cuts in services the Government are planning the crime of the century in setting up NAMA. NAMA is a corrupt device, devised by corrupt politicians to bail out corrupt bankers and greedy developers. Sinn Féin will publish detailed alternative proposals that will clean up our banking system in the interests of ordinary people and oppose plans to socialise debt but privatise profit. There is lots of work to be done in the time ahead!!

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