Sunday, August 23, 2009

Education cutbacks will begin to bite in September

Last year, I and other local Sinn Féin Councillors conducted an education cuts survey in Waterford to find how national education cutbacks would impact locally. The results were devastating. Most schools would lose teachers or would not get new teachers needed. Most class sizes are set to increase. Extra-curricular activities will be severely curtailed while school libraries will suffer as a result of grant cuts.

Overall this will mean children will suffer. Many will not get the education they deserve as they will continue to be taught in sub standard schools. So clearly it is time for parents and teachers to fight back. Sinn Féin in Waterford will shortly launch a 'Leave our Schools Alone' campaign. The campaign will be a visbile one and will give me and my party colleagues on Waterford County Council an opportunity to talk and listen to parents about how these cuts will affect them. More importantly it will provide us with an opportunity to fight back - leave our kids alone!!

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